Rumor: FrSky Hulk 11EHz Radio System - Taranis Replacement?

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FrSky Hulk radio system coming soon?

Is this the next radio from FrSky?

The Taranis has been out for 2 years now. It was recently updated with some nice improvements and now sells as the Taranis Plus. However an improved model has been rumored for as long as the Taranis has been around. Some know it as the "Horus". We've also heard about a second product, the single stick radio.

However while at the AMA show not too long ago we overheard the guys at Aloft Hobbies talking about some other upcoming products. Verifying this has been impossible, so we are taking our best guess.

Features and Specs

We expect it will be a revolutionary new product. It will operate at 10-11EHz (Exahertz, the Gamma range of electromagnetic energy). This will give it unheard of power. One employee said something about it gets stronger the further away you fly. So far it takes something called the "Hulk Buster" to get your model back if you push it too much.

Also rumored is build in FPV support. We anticipate some A/V out ports to send your signal directly to your monitor or goggles. This feature seems to be called "The Vision". No more bulky ground stations for long range FPV!

From what's been heard it sounds like we'll see more about the Hulk and The Vision May 1.

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