Turnigy Graphene 3S 1300mAh Battery Review

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This changes things

I've tested batteries from a number of manufacturers. Most of the time the data is pretty similar. They tend to perform within a set of boundaries and very similarly. This is the first pack that sets new standards in several ways. Exactly what they use "graphene" for is still unknown. The numbers don't lie. Something is very different about this pack.

Discharge Performance

My standard discharge test evaluates how they handle a 27A discharge. I monitor pack voltage and temperature. This pack set a new standard for both. The following discharge graphs compares the Graphene pack to the former king, the SMC True Spec (low performing 35C pack included for reference).

This is the first pack to beat the SMC, and rather handily at that.

Cool Performance

Typically I see the end temperature around 130F to 140F. Again, the Graphene pack performed much better than a standard LiPo. After more than 80% discharge at 27A it was barely warm at 108.5F! This is unheard of.

It isn't perfect

What is the one flaw? Weight. It comes in at 137g. About 20g heavier than the SMC and Bonka packs that used to sit atop the chart. Will that difference in weight offset the voltage output? Probably not entirely, but to some degree it will.


Whatever HobbyKing is doing with these, it works. Graphene (thin layer of carbon) is expected to change batteries and electronics. No one expected a hobby grade battery with Graphene. Certainly not from Hobby King. And absolutely not for the price. This $17 battery is among of the cheapest, it is the highest performing, the most reliable (another tested has over 900 cycles on his!!), and frankly best looking packs out there. This changes things. One manufacturer has already said this has put the lipo industry on notice. Change is coming.

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