VCANZ 3S 1350mAh 65C Lipo Review

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VCANZ 3S 1350mAh 65C

Another Solid Contender

There are many Lipo batteries to choose from. Some are better than others. Which are good? It can be hard to tell. My flight tests and discharge graphs have shown these to be among the best.

Discharge Testing

These did quite well. The graph below shows they were on par with the Bonka and SMC (top two Lipo I've tested). The Turnigy Graphene still holds the crown for best discharge graph (though I find the extra weight to be a negative). I rank this one #3 only because it is rated at 1350mAh so its slightly better voltage curve is in part due to the higher capacity.

Internal Resistance was 6.8/6.2/6.7 for a total of 19.7. With the connector and leads it measures 24.3mOhm.

In Flight Performance

I've begun to be able to push my Lipo packs more as I have become bolder and more skilled at flying. I've been comparing my packs while flying line of sight acro. Lots of hard punch outs to get it climbing fast with flips and rolls. I can definitely tell the difference between a strong pack and a weaker pack when doing this. The biggest tell is when my low voltage alarm sounds vs the timer. Weaker packs trigger the low voltage alarm (FrSky Telemetry straight from battery) around 3 minutes in. The stronger packs trigger the alarm after 4 minutes.

This pack from VCANZ is one of the best and one of my favorites. Pricing is a bit hard to determine, not too many sellers. But if you see them for sale and the price is right, they are one of the best you can buy.

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